This Manual covers a range of topics related to culturally integrated Engineering Design and Coding.


Coding empowers us to transform digital spaces. In this chapter, you’ll learn how coding is connected to language, and get started with coding environments used throughout the manual.

Engineering Design

The Engineering Design process is a way of solving a problem.  We solve problems every day.  In this chapter, you’ll explore the different engineering design processes.

Cultural Context and Integration

Cultural elements can be infused into the topics that apply Engineering Design and Coding. In all cultures there is a tradition around how to approach and solve problems.

Playful Engineering Based Learning

Play is central to creative problem solving. Designing for play based learning can motivate and engage students in engineering and making.

Engineering as a Profession

Engineers learn to solve all kinds of problems. In this chapter you’ll hear from indigenous professional engineers across a broad range of disciplines.


The collected tools used communally by students and makers of all ages form a Makerplace within a community. It is a place of learning, sharing and working on new ideas and products.