Innoventure Product Challenge

Ke’yah Advanced Rural Manufacturing Alliance (KARMA) was birthed from the Innoventure Product Challenge in 2018 where multiple regional schools competed to design a Navajo Headstart theme toy. The participants were tasked to 3D design and 3D print their Headstart themed toys that accompanied a business pitch for their products.

KARMA emerged from a grant funded by the Kellogg Foundation that was comprised of Navajo Technical University and partnerships with New Mexico State University Arrowhead Center, Emergence Group, Independent Platform, and Emerging Technology Ventures (ETV). The purpose of the Product Challenge encouraged participants to design products that could be culturally inspired to help teach users about the products.

This collaboration sparked a need to marry technology and entrepreneurship to address the economic challenges faced by the Nation. The combination of technology and entrepreneurship addressed the needed thinking to understand our situation as a nation.

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