Additional Resources to Build Understanding of Coding

Learning Scratch

Tutorials, Suggested Uses

Free on-line classes for various experience levels

Timer & Broadcast functions

Resources for Beginners

Offers several tutorials, games and even classes for beginner coders.

Both Free and Both Apps! Teach the basics of coding in a fun game like activity.

Subscription required. Starts at age 5 and offers games, activities, and courses for beginning coders.

(For Apple) – App that gets kids problem solving and critical thinking like a coder!

Resources for Intermediate Users

App created like a game where students will use their programming skills to progress through each level.

Free! Offers several courses that will assist students with coding.

K-8 based game that helps students learn coding.

Resources for Advanced Users

Free website that offers a collaborative environment for more experienced coders.

Android based app development.

Students will use their coding skills to create their own games.

Coding of a Robot on the International Space Station.